Paid Work

Examples of Paid Opinions Assignments

Not only are we a Market Research Company with our own Client Base, holding assignments on our boards for our members, we also have partnered with lots of High Profile Market research companies to bring you high paid consumer researching work (not to be confused with free online surveys),we do provide a list of these for free. However this is the NEXT STEP up from online surveys.

Examples of Our Assignments.

Make Money simply by being sent a small handheld barcode scanner - similar to a cash till type. You scan your shopping in each time and upload it to a market research company they pay you everytime you do this, maybe 6 or 7 times a week, It can include your local supermarket, late night store etc, and includes every purchase from the whole family

You can also get involved with our huge Market Research Opportunity section and make a full time high paid career from this. doing merchandising ie. sampling in stores like Major Supermarket Chains, you may have seen people asking you to taste the latest food etc, or giving out leaflets.

We have taken the time to check out every company, Every opportunity is guaranteed to pay! We log in to new online opportunities ourselves every day, because we just can't resist making such good money so easily!

Our current assignment this weekend is price checking at a major supermarket, this is a weekend worth of work and can be done online or offline at a major supermarket chain!!

You also will be invited to go online or offline to a focus group this is where you go along to a venue or log on to a special chat Server state your view on a certain product or topic, pay is about £40-£60 an hour.

* Select your own hours
* Work from comfort of your home
* Work at your own pace
* Doesn't matter if you need time off

You can go out for free meals and free shopping with our huge mystery shopping section.

Other opportunities are open to you, such as mystery shopping, price checking in major supermarkets, merchandising and demonstrating new products. testing new products from companies or having input in how they should word adverts.

If this sounds like something you could do, then join us today.

Payment examples

Lets take a low figure:-

10 assignments a week at £25 an assignment = £250 per week. (This is just 10 assignments/surveys) most assignments are £50 = £500 per week.

If you were full time you have the potential to do 10 assignments a day so the above figures could be converted to a daily pay = could be £7,500 - £15,000 a month is there really that amount of hours in the day.

Which is why we say the amount of time you work is up to you and the amount of money you earn all your choice.