Frequently Asked Questions

1How can companies afford to pay so well?
Market research companies have been paying people for many, many years. It's vital that they get unbiased opinions from consumers before launching new products and to constantly monitor the market and performance and ease of use. All that's changed is that companies can now conduct this online, as well as by telephone or in person. It makes sense for them to pay well to encourage as many people as possible to participate. Large companies have huge marketing budgets, so it is in their interests to make sure they are not wasting their money. It is proven that the best way of promoting and testing ideas is with using consumers, also giving awareness to a product.
2How do I get paid?
The market research firms conducting the assignments will pay you by cheque or Bank Transfer, Sometimes, payment can be arranged through Paypal. Cheques are usually issued once or twice a month. Bank transfer is normally after the assignment. Although many companies send cheque payment with the assignment brief. We will also pay for our own assignments via bank transfer or cheque.
3Are taxes taken out of my pay?
No, you are paid as an independent contractor and so no taxes are taken out. If you take part in regular Assignments with one particular company as employed, then the company you are working for will make arrangements to deduct the necessary tax. However most assignments are classed as loyalty assignments, with loyalty payments and expenses, you only only need to pay tax when you earn over the threshold.
4Is there any limit to how many assignments I can do?
No. There are no daily, weekly or monthly maximums. How much you earn depends entirely on how much time you have to spend taking assignments.
5Must I live in the UK to participate?
You can participate from anywhere in the world for the online assignments, we now feature a large "ex-pats" and International Section on our website, these are companies that need researchers all over Europe and worldwide.
6How do I become a member?
Simply click on the "Join us here" button at the Top of our webpages. You will gain instant access to over 500 companies to participate in online assignments.
7Are there any other costs once I am a member?
None! There are no other charges once you join, if you choose membership Your membership fee entitles you to 1 *year, month or Lifetime membership, including daily updates and exclusive offers for members only.

*depending on the option you joined

8This still sounds too good to be true. What's the catch?
There's no catch! These companies will pay you for your time in completing questionnaires and participating in Market Research. Your opinion is an important factor in the decision making process of many companies around the world. They need to know what to sell, what not to sell, and also where to sell! Your opinion will help them meet their advertising as well as manufacturing goals. You will need to put effort into this to achieve your goal. The amount of effort required depends on how much you want to earn, you get out of this what you put it, but because it is an enjoyable and flexible job, you will find this can work around other commitments.
9How do I know this is not a Scam?
This is probably our most asked question and we understand how important this is, we are aware of how many work from home sites are fake or give empty promises. We at Paid Opinions Online, Have worked hard to put in some safety measures for you, Firstly we are based in the UK and include our address and telephone number (for members only) on the site, We give clear Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, we also process all our payments via Paypal & Stripe Credit card Processing, which gives you peace of mind when ordering. never do we ask for bank details, western union etc, if you find any company without the above please be wary of them.
10I have seen Online Survey Sites available free online?
Yes, Free Online Surveys are available online, however these sites found on the internet are for small online surveys and very low paid for approx £1-£3 per survey or paid by rewards, we are NOT selling these online companies and a list of these companies can be found for FREE. If you use these companies you will make no more that about £20-£50 a month average. However if you are serious in making proper money as a consumer researcher, please join us as not only are we a researching company with our own assignments for our members, (not a survey company) we also feature partners who are not available on search engines and are not publicised as they are serious payers and want genuine workers. We work with partners who offer much more than £1 surveys.
11How long do I have to wait before I start receiving Assignments?
Some people start receiving work minutes after joining! The average wait is usually a day or so. Also make sure you complete all forms and send them in on time. You also need to update your profiles so you get the correct targeted work.
12Can you guarantee I will receive lots of assignments?
Some other websites state many misleading things, but not! We do not know you or the effort you are willing to put in to this, we cannot guarantee how successful you will be at this. We do know that what we say is true and that we will provide you with all of the support for you to be successful! If you work with this you will make the money, but you need to be prepared to put in the work.
13Is your payment processor secure? will my payment be safe?
Absolutely! orders are processed by Paypal, a proud third party payment processor and a very trustworthy company. with 128bit encyption, Or Stripe, a major Credit Card Processing Company. Your information is 100% safe and secure! We also provide a strict Privacy Policy and will never pass your details on to third parties, unless in the event of fraud or internet crime. We also offer Paypal, who are a worldwide secure and renowned processing company. All payments are encrypted and no information is passed or kept by us. We only keep your Payment IP addresses in case of fraud so we can check where the Payment was made.
14Why isn't this free? I was told never to pay for work
The first reason is we need to pay for web hosting, domain names, administration, Marketing (so you can find us), support staff and web designers etc. We choose to charge a fee to help cover these costs.

The second reason is so our members can receive full pay for each assignment they take part in. If this was free then the 500+ market research companies we're connected with would have to split their budgets even more (so lets say instead of 10 people receiving £25 for a survey the budget would be divided to accommodate all the new members and that would mean 100 people only receiving £2.50 or 1000 people receiving £0.25) so we're choosing to keep the fee in place. Unlike Other companies we work with over 400 companies online and offline which is why you are receiving a quality service and so for this we need to charge a small fee.

Thirdly we do not employ you, we are enabling you to work or earn the money for yourself, we provide all the means, contacts, assignments for you to do this. Remember this is just 50p per week for everything you need to work from home.