Income Information


Analyse your income potential For Assignments.

  • Focus Groups
  • Product Testing
  • Price Checking
  • Website checking
  • Mystery shopping
  • Merchandising
  • or Online Questionaires.

Income Breakdown

We have over 500 companies offering to pay you.
You could receive on average 3 assignments a week from each company.
They pay you between £5 and £75 per Assignment.

That's over 1200 Assignments per week! There isn't possibly enough hours to physically do that.

Let's say your average per Assignment is £25. And each company only sends you 1 assignment a Month.

400 Companies

300 Companies

200 Companies

100 Companies

50 Companies

x £25 assignment x £25 assignment x £25 assignment x £25 assignment x £25 assignment
= £10,000 per Month = £ 7,500 per Month = £ 5,000 per Month = £ 2,500 per Month = £ 1,250 per Month


£25 is an estimate. With so many Assignments coming in, you will get to choose the ones that pay you the most. So you can average a much higher amount!


Once you register with the companies, you will start receiving Work from them. It is very simple to register. All the companies need from you is your e-mail address, in order for them to e-mail you the surveys and other work invitations. They will also need your name and address so they know who to make your cheques out to and where they will send your cheque.

You get to choose how your money is paid to you. When and how you’re compensated depends on the specific survey or focus group you join. Some can pay instantly via PayPal, others will mail you a cheque. Some of The companies also may offer to compensate you by gift certificates or other rewards instead of cash. The choice is yours.


You will have all the details in front of you before you start any job.

Note: The average per assignment is £40. Most people receive from each company at least 3 assignments on average per week! Remember, that’s over 1000 Assignments a week, if I really sit down and complete them all, I could make over £40,000 a week. The reality is, there is just not enough time in the day, so I choose the jobs that pay me the most and make what I want to make and spend the rest of my time with my family.