Product testing is a very simple process. Firstly you need to find a website that is offering paid product testing positions. This can be quite a challenging task as these product tester websites are usually quite rare, and you will often find websites that are requesting payment for information on the whereabouts of these product testing websites. Luckily we have included some of the best product testing websites at the bottom of this article.

Once you have managed to find a genuine paid product testing website, the next obvious step is to join the website. Applying to the website should be a quick, simple process, and the company should not ask for any kind of payment to allow you to join the site.

After you have supplied all your info and have a log-in name and password for the site, log-in and answer any of the available survey questions. This will enable you to build up your own profile, which will help when deciding which kinds of products to send you. Also make sure that you have specified that you would be willing to receive products through the mail, and are able to test them and leave opinions on them too.

Hopefully you should then start receiving products to test and review in the post, it may take a few weeks to start but usually the products will arrive quite regularly once your account has become established. Be sure to answer the surveys on their website which will be asking you questions on your experiences of using the products sent to you. Try to answer honestly and thoroughly, this will make your account seem respectable and so you should hopefully get plenty of exciting products to test out.

What Do You Gain From Product Testing?

As well as actually receiving products to test in the mail for free, you will also be able to keep most of the products that get sent out to you! This means that you are able to get products for free providing that you are willing to give some feedback on the product on their website.

Not only do you get to test and keep products for free, but you will also be able to be paid in gift vouchers for leaving your opinions. Gift vouchers are often the currency used for answering surveys and testing products with the product testing websites. The sites also run very lucrative and exciting prize draws regularly throughout the year, so simply by participating on their site you can win some amazing prizes.

What Kind Of Products Can You Expect To Test?

You can expect to receive a variety of different, exciting products from working as a paid product tester. Items can include Ipod�s, mobile phones, sweets, hair shampoo, headphones; there really is a wide range of different products available to test. The products are always changing and are always up to date, so you can expect to receive and test some excellent new products – which you can actually get to keep, forever!
Are There Any Catches Involved In Product Testing Jobs?

Quite simply there are no real catches involved in being a product tester. It is still a job – although you are receiving these amazing products for free, you are expected to answer questions about these products on the product testing website – if you don�t you probably won�t get paid and probably won�t get asked to test products again.

The only other real disadvantage of being a product tester is that you might expect to receive more parcels in the post, although this is hardly much of a disadvantage in our opinion, plus some people enjoy receiving extra parcels in the mail!

Being a product tester is completely free providing that you find a genuine product testing website – don�t be fooled by websites claiming to have a secret list of all the best product tester websites, who then go on to ask for a payment before allowing you to see the list. The genuine and authentic product testing websites are completely free to be a member of, so be wary of the websites that ask for money up front.