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We currently have over Hundreds of Market Research Companies in our database. Each company has detailed descriptions concerning the incentives earned and country of participation. All companies are updated and are valid, paying market research companies.

We’ll show you more than 100 Companies that pay you for online assignments and sharing your opinion. You can get paid for filling out questionnaires, participating in market research and focus groups, visiting web sites, Price checking, Product testing and even reading your email. Businesses today spend billions to launch new products and services and they need survey takers to make sure their ideas are valid. They want to know how much demand there is for what their selling, and they need to know if their web sites are easy to use. This is fun easy work you can make several hundred to several thousand pounds a month working from home and setting your own hours.

First before you begin please take time to read through our Special Learning Section, here you will be able to access all the information you need to begin working from home in this fun and rewarding opportunity.

To begin signing up to take assignments, visit our survey details Companies section, Signing up with as many companies as possible increases the amount of money you can make. The process of joining hundreds of companies can be somewhat difficult and time consuming. To make this process easier download our free software program. It can automatically fill in online application forms and store passwords to web sites.


If you really want to make money on the internet while voicing your opinion this is one of the oldest and most proven way of doing it.

In addition we are also a Market Research Company conducting our own assignments. Don’t forget to check out the MESSAGE BOARDS and emails to see our Assignments.

Our Assignments will be sent out to you, so please make sure that your email address is correct using the links at the bottom of this page. Occasionally, members are asked to participate in mail questionaries or telephone questionaries, but generally most are all conducted over the Internet.

May We politely remind you that your password is for your own use, any misuse of the site and our Company will result in your account being suspended, plus criminal action may be taken.

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If you are serious about making this an occupation please use the Cash Paying Higher Profile Market Research page as these are the proper companies.

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Mindswamp (make £50 watching videos)

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