Market Research focus groups

Traditional market research can also be a banker. Companies pay cash for taking part in focus groups. These take place at a pre-organised address, in your own home, on the phone, or online in a designated chat forum.

All it involves is giving opinions on the chosen subject, usually over sarnies and a cuppa, and you can walk away with anything from £30 to £160.
There’s a catch though:

You can only do one or two focus groups a year – and that’s with ANY agency.

Unfortunately agencies restrict the number of group-ups you can do, and it’s typically just one every six months. Nonetheless, if you sign up for a few and combine it with other income-boosters, it’s a welcome addition.

To get started, sign up with the following agencies. As the number of focus groups you can attend is limited, we’ve picked the ones with solid feedback.

Saros Big name agency with plenty of focus groups
With established agency Saros, you typically get £30 to £100 for two hours’ work. You’re only allowed to take part in two discussions per year, and it can take a while before you’re selected. consumers report when you do get picked, it’s easy cash.

I did a three-hour forum at a local hotel on the concept of chocolate, and got paid £50. I tasted three pieces of chocolate, had a lovely bacon roll and unlimited tea – not too bad for a morning’s work.


Focus4People Mainly in the South East and London

It’s possible to earn £30 to £150 per session with Focus4People. Most focus groups take place in London and the south east of England, with a few in Birmingham and Manchester. It also runs telephone and online sessions, so it’s worth everyone joining.

Without wishing to brag, I got £90 for the one focus group I attended. Cash in hand on the day for a couple of hours giving my opinion – I highly recommend it. MartinLewisisalegend

Research opinions

Research Opinions Focus groups across the country

Based in Manchester, Research Opinions runs focus groups across the country in cities including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

It runs individual in-depth interviews and online sessions. People say that it typically pays between £20 and £200, per focus group.


A good bet for Londoners

Another big player is Indiefield. Be sure to update the profile section – your postcode, age and gender means you will be notified of pertinent research
events in your area.

Most focus groups are in London, though there are also a few outside. Members say it typically pays £35 a time.

Indiefield also runs a points reward system for other activities, like online and telephone surveys. 1 point equals 10p and you can earn 5-20 points for each survey. You can claim the points once you’ve got 200 via PayPal, cheque or voucher.


FocusForce Online panels and face-to-face groups

While we’ve a little less feedback on this agency, FocusForce holds focus groups within the M25, mostly after work, typically paying £40-£50 a survey. It sends daily email requests.

It also invites people to join online panels – to take part in these, you can live anywhere in the UK.


 Take Part in Research

This is quite a New Company, based in the UK, So good chance of getting recruited. Based in Brighton, but UK wide.

For just a few hours of your time giving your feedback to companies and organisations, you can receive between £40 and £250 per session.


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