Higher Paying Companies

Offer weekly payments for you to visit top brands that you already love!
You are able to create your own schedule, you can do as much or as little work as you like.
On top of extra cash, you will earn free meals, family days out or even new clothes!
We have a huge variety of Jobs available! Some of which, you can complete from your own home!
As a Mystery Shopper, you will make a real difference in the Customer Experience on your local High Street. Tern are also featured on our Job Boards and you can download an app on a smartphone.

Research Opinions
Your opinions are important. This company can provide you with a fun and friendly way to voice those opinions by participating in research sessions and online surveys. You’ll have a great time and be rewarded for each project you take part in. Also featured under our job boards.

Checkout UK
Mystery Shopping Company, shoppers must have access to the internet and e-mail, and are able to use Microsoft Word and Excel. Video mystery shoppers must have their own covert recording equipment and are proficient at using it.   

Customer Panel UK
Mystery Shoppers, Secret Diners & Product Testers

Bare International
Become an Evaluator for one of the biggest, longest serving Companies, extremely professional with good rates of pay and full control over your hours and assignments. With competition increasing daily, you’ll be a valuable asset to companies looking to improve customer experience.

Cash Paying Survey Company.

Springboard UK New
Springboard UK requires the assistance of UK residents, to participate in paid surveys. Your participation in these will earn you cash rewards, as well as entries into prize draws. There is also £1000 to be won in their New Members Draw, which you will receive entry into upon registration.

Survey Central New
Survey Central is a market research firm, seeking UK residents aged 18 and older to assist them with online surveys. They offer you the opportunity to receive rewards of discount vouchers and prizes for participating in their market research surveys. You can earn discount vouchers just for completing registration, as well as the chance to win a £5,000 Expedia voucher. Registration is available through their website.


Saros Research
Saros recruits members of the public to participate in interviews and discussion groups for which cash incentives are paid. We maintain a broad database of individuals who are willing to be asked to participate on an occasional basis, feeding back their opinions to the providers of the products and services they use.
Join saros and you can earn £30-£100 – sometimes much more – taking part in a couple of hours market research.


Valued Opinions
Valued Opinions is a service which rewards you for taking part in market research surveys. It is your opportunity to influence the development of new products and services. We are interested in your opinion. Join and shape the future!


Bio Trax
Do you want to earn easy money? Earn £6.50 an hour plus or up to £100 per day for taking part in clinical trials or medical trials, drug trials as they are commonly refered to. Choose from a wide choice of clinical trials and paid medical research studies available in every area. Read, study, work on a project or just relax, watch TV / videos while you take part.


2020 Research Panel
Consumer Link is the online public opinion forum where your voice counts. You can earn cash awards just for sharing your thoughts on anything from breakfast cereal to environmental issues. We will notify you of the amount you will get paid when we invite you to participate in one of our surveys or discussion groups. Payments will range anywhere from £5 to £50, depending on the scope of the project. If you win the sweepstakes, you should receive your payment in 4 to 8 weeks via mail.


Ciao Surveys
Ciao is one of the leading operators of online surveys worldwide. The paid surveys cover a wide range of interesting topics and offer you the perfect opportunity to express your views while earning money! Sign up today and your first invitation to take a paid survey will arrive shortly.


Global Test Market.
Join up and partake in all sorts of fun and interesting surveys and help companies develop the products and services you use every day. Earn “Market Points,” redeemable for cash, for every survey you take!


Earn cash simply for giving your opinions! Join MindMover and get your voice heard. If you have strong opinions on public transport, the latest gadget, or just want to let people know what your favourite breakfast cereal is, then MindMover is the site for you!


Clear Voice Surveys
You can take your earnings as cash and our partner Payoneer will mail you a prepaid debit card or use them to buy gift certificates at Amazon or even exchange them for gift certificates to your favorite restaurants and have a night out on us!


MY Survey


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