About us

About Us

Paid Opinions has 14 years of solid data collection experience in worldwide market research. Consumer Research has been able to connect our members to thousands of meaningful Companies and Focus groups.

As an added incentive, uk consumer research also allows you, the consumer, to earn cash. To date, our various companies have paid out more than £6 million in cash to consumers simply for giving their opinions.

We maintain our site on a daily basis and always make sure we have the best most up-to-date information on the web.

We have enabled people to retire, women to stay at home with the children and people to get out of stressful jobs with the service we provide.

We are also the sole panel for several offline Market Research companies and host surveys and focus groups on our own servers for our members, this is exclusive to our members only and is not available to anyone else.

We are worldwide and are happy to work with any person, anywhere on the globe, so we are very important to those English speaking people who reside in various overseas Countries.

Our Mission is Threefold


Serve Our Clients



Promote B2B Relationships



Assist our Panel of Members


With the ease of clicking a mouse,

consumers can register to be a part of our large,

database and participate in Market Research.

Some info about us

How we began.

  • 2004We Started

    We started with just Online surveys to create connections with 40 companies and conduct assignments for these companies.
  • 2010International

    We Joined forces with USA Paid Opinions and provided international coverage, plus Mystery Shopping and over 200 companies on our site.
  • 2013We branched into many Sectors

    We started branching into Merchandising, Price Checking, Medical experiments and Focus Groups and had over 400 companies on our books.
  • 2017We became Independent and are still growing

    We gained many contracts and obtained the relevant software to provide our own panel and our own online assignments to our members only.

Our Assignments

Here is just a few of our Current Assignments


Mystery Shopping


Product testing


Online assignments


Focus Groups


Price Checking