Sample Jobs

1. Telephone a local car company asking for information on a certain model of car, then complete a questionaire on the the service your received, as soon as the literature arrives, post it back to us in a pre-paid envelope with your questionaire, stating the date you called and the date you received the literature. Payment £40

2. Go into Claire’s accessories and purchase £45 worth of goods, fill in online survey and keep the goods.

3. Price checking, go into your local lidl and write down prices of 100 products and fax, or scan and email back to us. Payment £280

4. Call a branch of LLoyds and arrange an interview to discuss a mortgage, record the interview on a phone or other approved device, You do not need to be credit checked or take this further we are testing the staff on the information they provide on a first meeting. £180-£500

5. Visit an online website and make a small purchase £1-£5, immediately cancel and request refund. fill in online survey form and take screenshots £35

6. Join an online focus Group at an website address given to you, either video chat or txt chat £100+

7. look and view several different adverts and fill in an online questionaire after, 30 mins – £25

8. Stay in a state of the art private hospital and trial new drugs for the common cold £1000+

9. 18 or 19 year olds required to rest compliance for ID in pubs/clubs, Order drinks and provide feedback
on the ID process you encountered.

10. Snacking Diary, online – £25 for keeping a video diary of everything you snack on and then uploading
it to the server. 16+ age group.

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